Ari Qayumi


Ari Qayumi

I'm a Mindful VC

Wipro – Davos 2022 – Wednesday from Wipro on Vimeo.

Industry highlights last decade:

  • Launched +20 AI POCs (Proof-Of-Concepts)
  • +14 products
  • & sourced +30 pre-unicorns.

Previously held roles across:

  • Silicon Valley Data Capital (SVDC)
  • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
  • RBC Capital Markets (RBC CM)
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Stanford University.
Current work:
  • Behavior Design, Venture Capital & Computing Technologies: Mindful Technology and Consensual Technology.
Previous work:
  • Utilizing Persuasive Technology to facilitate sustainable large scale positive behavior change across financial services, healthcare, and infrastructure.
  • Systems level approach to Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, and Behavior Change.
  • Symbolic Systems, concentrated in Human-Computer Interaction from Stanford University.
Formerly led research for nearly a decade at the Stanford Behavior Design Lab; now an Advisor.
What brings me energy:
  • Systematic, disruptive, and repeatable innovation that improves the human experience and elevates how people interact.
I welcome the opportunity to:
  • talk with those passionate about applying Behavior Design to Disruptive Innovations, Mindful Technology, Sustainable Systems, Behavior Change (including Therapeutics), Human-Computer Interaction, Venture Investing, and Global Capital Markets.
Symbolic Systems | Minds & Machines | Philosophy | Psychology | Computer Science | Linguistics
History| Internet | Startups | Physics | Economics | Evolutionary Neuroscience | Behavior Design | Health | Wellness | Fitness | Energy | Environment

researcher  |  daughter sister friend  |  partner  |   good reader  |  movie/tv show fan  |  music therapy lover

I am dedicated to facilitating positive behavior change that furthers human progress at scale.
I evaluate this based on how much happier and healthier people, and the environment they operate in, are as a result.

What is Mindful Technology?

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The Limits of Artificial Intelligence

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