Ari Qayumi



Definition of Mindful Technology on a whiteboard

What is Mindful Technology?

Mindful Technology is an exciting new field with enormous potential. It’s so new, that much of it is still evolving and taking shape as it’s being implemented, tested, validated, and continuously studied. So how can we discuss something that’s still relatively in flux? Carefully. I would argue that these discussions are even more important because …

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The Limits of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a digital computer or computer-controlled robot made or produced by something not naturally occurring, to have the ability to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings (Britannica). Before we dive into that further though, we need to understand the meaning of intelligence without the ‘artificial’ descriptor. What is Intelligence? Here are …

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What is “Mindful”?

From academic institutions to Hollywood blockbusters, so much has been written about technology’s constant evolution and its changing role in society, that the maxim seems almost cliché; it’s not just technology that evolves, but our wants, desires, and interactions with it. Technology is a tool that we use to improve our health and happiness – …

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